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How can we train a depressed personality?
  • Hi, my friend’s mom passed away a few months back. My friend was very close to her mother. They were like best friends. But when suddenly she lost her mom, her mind was in another state. She even attempted suicide. She came to the work place after one month. During that time she didn't talk too much. She just carried out all her daily routine for name sake. We find difficulty in working with her. She was an energetic person in our team. We started trying different activities to bring her back from this state. But staying alone in her home, without the best companion was like hell for her. So we planned to shift her home. She is are taking depression treatment from a clinic in Etobicoke.The doctor suggested changing her food habits and her regular routine. He gave tablet too and scheduled a psychotherapy for the next week. Will taking psychotherapy along with taking tablets give the result?Are there any alternatives that can be tried? Please give valuable information.