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Manuka Honey Cream For Eczema
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    Manuka honey is extremely powerful and is used for medicinal purposes to eat and also for skin. Mr Bees Manuka uses manuka as a base for all of there products, as it is a antibiotic, antihistamine and antibacterial. Because of these uses Mr Bees Manuka "Kreme Plus" can be used for all sorts of skin complaints including psoriasis, eczema, acne and many more. Many people use it for dry skin (mostly on hands), as this is one of the neglected parts on the human body. Honey in general has been used since the Egyptian times for healing & scientists have proven that Manuka has a extra compound called Methygloxal which is only found in Manuka honey, this gives it a extra boost when it comes to it's healing and miracle power. For details visit website: