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Marlboro and Life
  • Sitting alone in a corner, a Marlboro cigarette, a wisp of smoke rises, intermittent, Marlboro Wholesale all thoughts in the silent waft out, gone with the wind. This moment, as if you are not you, but #Trewzcvvbn a dream. Deep ceiling a mouth, heavy to swallow, a bitter and spicy taste of straight reins, echoed in the chest, quietly experience that no one tell the mood, reluctant to give up. Gently spit out, relieved, the feeling has a memory. Smoking men really is not for the smoking, but the quality of their products. A men who are smoking a Marlboro cigarettes, you can light the thoughts, in cigarette butts chemical plume of smoke gone by wind, puts in the hands of the cigarettes, also not heart of the thoughts. Happy, the smoke of burning process is colorful, as autumn high-altitude cloud to fly high, of to beautiful, let a person relaxed a lot over their heart. Pain, is intolerable to wait, obviously the heart in the blood, but still behind the smoke to laugh to the exhibition and laugh than Marlboro Buy Online anyone else to be brilliant. Cigarettes for me, like a lock to open a world of the soul. Despite a near drug spell, in tobacco smoke, shows that the pure nature really heavy color. In the process of smoking Marlboro cigarettes, then to think in this life, the white smoke, the willowy is a river flowing in the heart. Cigarettes continue to burn, I continue to think. We are confused emotional fulcrum of cigarettes. The so-called life, but we are also smoking, think of a person, a thing, and then a smile, finished or unfinished story do smoke filled fills. Smoking is not born to be and can not be Buy Cheap Tobacco discarded. Just because in the confusion of life to explore, lonely no emotional attachment, in order to comfort, cigarettes, after all, is a fascinating and helpless sustenance. Took out a cigarette, the use of a man used to some beautiful action lit, mouth, nose, spit out the smoke, the feeling is a different. I like to talk to her, she can understand my feelings, resolve my loneliness. Quietly watching her drifting Sell Cigarettes more and more light figure, just like to Newport Wholesale hear your voice, the heart is very peaceful, very satisfied. Have smoke to accompany, can no longer lonely. Maybe my life will be like a Marlboro cigarette, perhaps my youth would like smoke, short burning, flashed a beautiful spot, draw the short charm of smoke, soot and into the misty, in the wind blown.