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Andy Warhol Poster Picks

  • No doubt about it. My Andy Warhol poster favorites are the weird ones. Well, maybe not weird around unusual. The soup cans and endless Marilyn variations are interesting--and they have arrive at denote an entire era. I'm more interested, however, in Warhol just as one evolving, experimenting introspective artist.


    I also enjoy conversation pieces adorning my walls. And when I had been attending college, my Andy Warhol poster collection has been doing better at starting conversations than some other art which i have displayed.

    Out of your tender are my top 5 Andy Warhol poster picks--with a web link in the bottom if you wish to read the images themselves.

    1. Self Portrait with Skull. In his later years, Warhol became more morbid and introspective. This photographic self-portrait reminds me a small amount of Hamlet. Except older and stranger. (Can we really be stranger than Hamlet? Um, I do think Warhol might are already. In the great way, naturally.)

    2. Experiments with Androgyny. You can dismiss or laugh at photos of men dressed as women. In fact, I laughed this Andy Warhol poster series off to start with. Occur, Andy. You aren't all of that pretty. In Warhol's case, so much was simply in regards to the experimentation. What would this appear to be? What might you choose love to represent an alter ego? Memorably. Warhol's self-portraits in drag might not be the best selections for general apartment decor, but you are worth a look--just to the originality factor.

    3. Warhol's Dracula Movie Poster. No Andy Warhol poster collection is complete without a minumum of one memorable movie poster. Using the whole vampire movie trend taking place these days, you will get fun being a little subversive. Edward and Bella? Supply some slack. Warhol knew how to approach the entire vampire thing with drama, boldness, eroticism, and (of course) an excellent healthy dose of campiness.

    4. The Querelle Movie Poster. That one is edgier, and it's really only accessible in the gray color variation for the inexpensive poster sites. However, if you'd prefer to produce your guests look--and take a look again, look into the Querelle Andy Warhol poster.

    5. The Green Cat. That is available in poster form as just one single part of the 25 Cats Andy Warhol print. It's unusual because it almost resembles an Eric Carle illustration. (You realize...the Very Hungry Caterpillar author.) It's a sweetness regarding it (uncharacteristic of Warhol), also it pops off the white background. You may put this pretty much anywhere--whether a child's room or older your favorite reading chair.

    These are merely a number of the great, off-the-beaten-path Andy Warhol poster options available. Warhol was an unusually prolific artist. The previous a part of his career examined celebrity and culture, and the latter portion of his career involved experimentation with film, photography, Rorschach ink blots, Polaroid images, and self-portraiture.
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