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Free California Criminal Records Searches
  • The Sacramento County Arrest California Criminal Records Online Free Records are updated over the County?s Sheriff Department. The local residents can directly go to this office in search for the said legal documents. They do not only provide the arrest reports but also the warrant of arrests being archived regularly by the Records Staff. They also divulge information on criminal history, missing persons status, probation status, stolen vehicle, and property statuses. All these pieces of information can be retrieved provided that you adhere to the rules and regulations imposed by the law enforcement agency.


    If you do have a case number all you have to do is submit a written request along with a check with the words ?Not to exceed $35.00? for the charges required with your application. The office will inform you of the result of your request by mail or call you by phone. Free California Criminal Reports Database Checks and money orders are the mode of payment as per management?s prerogative. So, in times when you have to conduct a background check on someone you just have to come by the sheriff?s office and inform the officer in-charge as to what you are trying to look for.

    The request can be done via mail, email, or in-person. If your location is close to the sheriff?s office, then it would be great if you will just visit in person. They will then give you a copy of the request form which you will have to fill out completely. It has to be completely in its entirety or else the person in-charge of the records will not proceed with the search. Also, you have to be very specific in regards to the subject?s full name, gender, case number, offense, address and other personal particulars of the person. If you are requesting someone else records then you must clearly state your purpose so that the sheriff will grant your request.

    As a requestor you need to show before the sheriff that you are a legitimate citizen in Sacramento, California. You have to present a valid ID which include a driver?s license, passport, social security, health ID or a company ID with your photo in it. Today, they don?t just supply information by going to their office. You can check out their official website and go to their records request form section. Type in the details of the subject there and click on submit. You should be able to receive a response from the office through your email address which you have entered in the form.

    It is so much easier to run a history check on an individual these image days. The Sacramento County Criminal Records are handily acquired using an online records repository which only requires small amount of fee for you to retrieve the arrest information fast. It is a perfect tool if you want to secretly do records searches. You don?t have to go anywhere else but online, find a trusted provider to get the results in no time with complete details in it.