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New Book Offers Great Encouragement for Christian Singles

  • Kristen Tiber’s new book, In the WELL: DISCOVERING GOD’S Insurance policy for FINDING Love of his life, is definitely impacting the concept of Christian singles. In a culture that presents a confusing view of what love and marriage were designed to get, this book helps singles navigate the Christian dating scene. 


    The ebook revolves around the biblical story of Isaac and Rebekah in Genesis 24 as being a blueprint for that believer to discover the one God has chosen for him or her. Through the story of Isaac and Rebekah, readers will become familiar with to seek God, to develop in faith to make good use of these season of singleness. 
    Readers will discover how God really cares about every detail of the life . . . including their sex life. There is extremely good value to wait for the Lord to the person you need to marry this also book encourages singles inside the indisputable fact that waiting is ok. 
    As the book continues, Kristen shares how to prayerfully seek direction for current relationships and evaluate a relationship for marriage. And like gems from a treasure box, Kristen opens the Scriptures in the fresh and relevant way, revealing God’s policy for finding real love.
    Readers will like the stories and examples shared within the pages of With the WELL that bring to life the foundations seen in this book. From examples of guarding your heart, avoiding poor decisions, seeking wise counsel and testimonies of countless believers to Kristen’s own personal story of waiting on God to fulfill and marry her husband, Dan. 
    Kristen is often a former wedding and event planner who loved working together with wedding couples because they planned their special day. With the crisis of failing marriages in the current culture her heart would be to encourage today’s singles that may therefore affect tomorrow’s marriages. Much might be learned from her latest book. 
    Should you be or know a Christian single, this book is really a “must read” to offer encouragement, hope and direction to find love and pursuing marriage. And if you wish to know where to meet your future spouse, you must to move to the well. It is refreshing discovery! 
    In the WELL happens to be entirely on Amazon for Kindle and will soon release into paperback. 
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